Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We did go skiing yesterday, but at Snowbird. They have some killer views of the Salt Lake valley that I wanted then to see. The wind was howling with this new front moving in and they had the tram closed because of the 80 mile an hour winds at the top. We still took the chair lift to the top just to experience it. Getting down for there was another problem. The steep, wide open slope was covered in an nice icy layer. With all the warm weather we had and cold nights the snow had really set up with a dense icy layer. Lottie explained that she was maybe a little out of her league, what else could I say it was too late, we were already at the top with no other way down. As it turns out they did just fine and we were down in no time.

Most of their time they were catching their breaths from the altitude difference.

Today they are up at Alta with I'm thinking by the end of the week their legs will be screaming. They rented equipment until Friday, so they want to use the skis everyday.

I worked more on the boat painting, added the boat in the lower right and lightened up more on the water. It still needs some adjustments here and there, which I'll try to get to tomorrow.

I'm sorry to hear that Walt Horton died, he did these really cool sculpture pieces. So if you get a chance just Google his name and you'll find his web site and the work that he did.

Right now I need to get to the store and make a lasagna for the southern Utah trip. We will be staying for several days in Bluff, Utah before the hike into Grand Gulch, so we have four meals to come up with. The Strayer family will do two and we will do the rest. If I make the lasagna now I can freeze it and keep it until next week.

Richard Boyer

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