Thursday, March 25, 2010


I became a little preoccupied with the background and wanted to get it done today, that's why the foreground boat still looks like the "battle star galactica". I'm not bringing it to the crit tonight, since I feel it needs to be farther along before I listen to the wrath of the fellow critters. Most of the things they would say about it would be the very things I still haven't finished off! I have a few older pieces I got back from Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery; I can bring those to the session tonight.

I really need to get this piece done by next week though, its Spring break for the schools and we are all heading down to Bluff, Utah.

Normally most people will ask, where the Hell is Bluff, Utah?, if you pull out your dusty atlas from the United Stated, just look at the four corners area and up a little northwest of there. You'll see it! We will be hiking down into Grand Gulch for 4-5 days. Its a remote canyon west of Bluff, filled with Anasazi ruins and running water form all the record amounts of snow they have had down there. It would be fun to take the paints along, but since we have to pack everything in on our backs, I would really like to travel light.

Karin has caught the same sickness that Lina had and is home today lying around in bed with a rumbling stomach. And as tight confinements would have it, I too feel a little tired. Although, thank God, still no upset stomach............maybe a spot of tea will cure it all !

Richard Boyer

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