Friday, March 5, 2010


We woke up to five inches of wet heavy snow this morning. The cat definitely did not want to go out in that weather. All the trees are covered in white, with a few branches broken off here and there from the weight. It was fun walking up to school, with Lina. We watched all the cars sliding down the hill at two miles an hour. The sun is out now and everything seems to be melting fast. I walked out onto the porch to see if I could shot a painting and it was a slush field of water and snow.

The crit went well last night. I still have all my wine glasses, so I can't complain. I started out with the Tucson fixer-upper on the chopping block.

They didn't like the gate with the cross bars, so I got rid of that and added some classic barb-wire to the fence posts. The road also needed a little work, mainly just to break it up a bit and define the edges in a few places. All in all it took a few minutes to do the changes and I moved on to the farm house.

Here I darkened down the sky and threw in a little purple, now it seems to give the piece a little more drama. Then I added warmer reds to the foreground and darkened the path a bit. I also added more clumps of thistles and yellow flowers to play up the color. On Monday or Tuesday I'll send them off to Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery.

This afternoon we are all heading up to the cabin. With the little snow storm that blew through, I'm sure there will be some heavy wet snow to shovel out, before we can get in the driveway. So much for a relaxing on Saturday. Karin already has a ski expedition planned out to some remote lake.

Richard Boyer

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  1. I think the farmhouse would look more believable without the laundry on the line.

    Everything else makes it appear abandoned...

    Larry darkness