Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We had another model session over at Rick's place last night.

Hillary sat for two hours, so I decided to do a portrait of her, she seemed a little tired though. Her eyes kept getting smaller and smaller, so I would try to work on them first when she got back from each break.

This morning I finished off the Tucson home, a real fixer-upper as some real estate friends would call it. Just needs a coat of paint and she's ready to move into! I was wondering if a figure would look good in it, but then again it might end up looking like the home owner.

Karin said the bricks looked a little too new, so I aged them a lot and broke some of them up. I also boarded up the garage opening and collapsed part of the roof on the right side. The fence gate was added and I threw some more texture into the grasses......I think now its ready for the crit.

This painting as well as the last farm house I did, were actually fun to do. I'm so use to working on architectural scenes from Europe, that require much more attention to perspective and detail. These ones, since the buildings are already falling apart, who really cares if the wall isn't straight!
And the foregrounds I could relax on and just blast them in with bigger brushes. Another words, get a little sloppy with the paint.

I'll be track skiing again today, its Tuesday and both Victor and Lina have classes up at Mountain Dell. Actually this is the last week for that, next week we all meet up at Alta Ski Resort for a little downhill action with cross country skis, followed by pizza afterwards. After riding the lift up its amazing how good the kids do, absolutely no fear! Just point the skis straight downhill and let em rip! Mean while all the adults are yelling out at the top of their lungs to slow down.

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