Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I worked more on the 40x40 today; decided to take a break from the city painting and try to get this more resolved. The background might be a problem, since it looks like its covered in a fog layer that reads as water.  I'll need to keep it dark enough to push it back or just get rid of it. The problem there would be that the sky wouldn't really show much at this steep angle and I do like the lighter look of a morning sky. Maybe I'll play around with the sun up there and see if I can keep it abstract and blend it into the background haze. The city of San Francisco I still need to define with some more detail, showing some of the buildings.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016


This painting I've been tweaking a little here and there. I finally lightened up the foreground and added more warm colors to much of the right side. there is no rush on this piece, its just back up for inventory.  I'm trying to find a new gallery in Southern California someplace. I thought LA would have been nice but there only seems to be modern art galleries or those that specialize in "Intilation Art". What I mean by that is a bunch of cardboard boxes, spray painted black with rebar pushed through them...not something the average home owner would put in his living room, but maybe some large office building trying to have that avant-guard look. 

I also started up another 40x40 areal view painting. This just so happens to be San Francisco at around 8000 feet.  I build a masonite  board mounted on 1x2's to add stabilty, then primed it with gesso. This will be a fun piece to work on.

Richard Boyer

Thursday, February 11, 2016


I've been working on this 30x30 and not too sure how its going to end up. There is something that still bothers me about it I can not put my finger on it. 

We have the crit tonight so maybe I'll get some input from them.

New Masters Gallery came through and sold this large 40x40 I did a while back of the Thames River. They said it had a lot of attention and would like another, so I have some images of San Francisco from the air from the last time we were there and I'll start on that next week.  These paintings I fun to do because they are so different from what I usually paint.

Richard Boyer

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I finished off the 12x14 and the client is happy with it, so Thursday I'll bring it down to the gallery. 

I decided to do a little house cleaning and set up an Etsy account .  This is one of those internet selling forums where you can post just about anything and try to sell it. One basically sets up a store front and then you list an inventory of products to sell.  I met some friends the other day who have been doing this for a while, selling stain glass and doing actually quite well at it.

So if you get a chance go to etsy.com and type in "richardboyerart" and you will come to my page, there I have some quick 9x12 images of figure studies that I did a while back selling for next to nothing.

I also changed around the Venice painting a bit. the water needed to be warmed up and some of the shadow areas not so dark. I raised the bridge on the right side as well to open it up some. There was an extra person in the front gondola that I took out. It was looking a little too touristy and I figured why not have the guy just transporting goods

Richard Boyer