Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I finished off the 12x14 and the client is happy with it, so Thursday I'll bring it down to the gallery. 

I decided to do a little house cleaning and set up an Etsy account .  This is one of those internet selling forums where you can post just about anything and try to sell it. One basically sets up a store front and then you list an inventory of products to sell.  I met some friends the other day who have been doing this for a while, selling stain glass and doing actually quite well at it.

So if you get a chance go to etsy.com and type in "richardboyerart" and you will come to my page, there I have some quick 9x12 images of figure studies that I did a while back selling for next to nothing.

I also changed around the Venice painting a bit. the water needed to be warmed up and some of the shadow areas not so dark. I raised the bridge on the right side as well to open it up some. There was an extra person in the front gondola that I took out. It was looking a little too touristy and I figured why not have the guy just transporting goods

Richard Boyer

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