Friday, May 22, 2015


Well I'm in Authentique Gallery down in St. George, Utah.  I spent about an hour and a half talking with Jane the owner up here at her gallery in Salt Lake City. She liked my urban work and wanted to try them down there; I told her I was already in Southam Gallery here in the city so that was out of limits.

It will be fun to try another location for the cityscapes in Utah.

I did start another 24x24 San Francisco painting.  I've got to start building up an inventory of them. This one has the late afternoon light raking across the buildings and glissening off the parked cars on the left.. I'll put a street car at the top of the hill as well. The tracks still need to be added, the light was reflecting off the steel rails and helped to define the steepness of the hill.

Tonight I'll be down at the Southam Gallery for a group show. Looks like its going to rain again, so it might be a small crowd showing up!

Richard Boyer

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Here is my 24x24 study for the last few days, another view of the midday light at San Francisco. I liked this one with all the figures walking along the sidewalk, the cars are more secondary off to the side.

I'm meeting with the owner of the Mission Gallery and Authentique Gallery of St George today, she called me yesterday about my urban paintings and seemed very interested in maybe trying them down there.

Richard Boyer

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I added a figure to this one. I felt with the lonely tracks it needed the solitary figure waiting for the train that will never come. The whole painting now becomes a bit more narrative with a potential story; why is she standing there at an abandoned station. I did have to work some on getting the tracks just right; that perspective can really be a nightmare. The tracks are still in use, its just the station is no longer a stop on the line, Thompson Springs has long been forgotten. So if you were to take the train from Salt Lake City to Denver, you would pass right by this location in the middle of the night!

After doing the one Grand Canyon painting I decided to try another. I did something similar to this many years ago for an art show they had called "Arts for the Parks" and it won an award. Doing it in a longer format was a nice change and I think it turned out well.  It will make a good companion to the other piece.

Richard Boyer

Friday, May 15, 2015


I finally finished off the painting of Marble Canyon, which is the first part of the Grand Canyon.  I decided to re-paint the cliff a little lighter as well as the water. Now it just looks better. The only thing left to do is to build a frame for it before next weekend. Southam Gallery wants to have it in a group show

This painting as well went through some transformations. The car that was in the foreground was removed and I added a bus behind the middle car.  I pulled a shadow line across the road as well to help with the composition. Before it was also a little on the blue side, so I added some more color in the shadows.

Richard Boyer

Monday, May 11, 2015


Yesterday we had to cut all the trees back by ten feet in order to make the insurance company happy for the cabin we have. They gave us a deadline and Sunday we had to get it done; unfortunately the weather didn't agree with us. The clouds would roll in and snow would be flying, then the sun would come out and it was back to tee-shirt weather, then back again to snow. Such is the weather at 7000 feet in May. I was able to get our old electric chain saw going and take down a massive amount of branches. So if and when all that debris dries we can have one huge fire.  At five in the evening we were done and I took some pictures for the insurance people which I hope will be enough. They can be rather picky about what they consider fire hazard.

I started in on this one today, working on that late afternoon light on the right side. the real problem is going to be those damn tracks; its one of those perspective nightmares,  if I don't get it right it will never work.  So tomorrow I'll have to focus in on them

Richard Boyer

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Its been raining here everyday for the past week. I've never seen grass grow so quick, the whole yard is this rich green color now,  as opposed to the yellows and browns under the normal parched Utah sun.

Today I started something that I wanted to paint. Last year we were part of an all expense paid trip down to Moab with Dave Strayer and the cognitive research scientists.  We decided to show then Sego Canyon on the way down and stopped by the one horse town of Thompson Springs along interstate 70. This long forgotten town still has a few diehard reidences but it lost its former glory after the uranium bust decades ago. This was the old train station and with the setting sun I thought it would make a great painting.

This is the block-in so I have another day or so on it still.

Richard Boyer

Thursday, May 7, 2015


I didn't quite finish this one today, its going to need more work on the water and a few spots on the cliffs.

I have five frames  to pick up from the framer and get around those city paintings so I can send them off to Mockingbird Gallery. Those works have been sitting too long now in the studio and are taking up space. The dust is beginning to settle on them.

This was the view from the porch last afternoon. Then the rain started and came down hard; within minutes we had a river coming down the street. Drains were clogged at the intersections shooting the water straight up in the air.  It looked quite impressive, that is except for the cat, who was hiding under a table on the porch. He was rather nerved by the ordeal.

Richard Boyer