Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21

First day back at work from our spring break vacation down in Bluff, Utah.  It was relaxing to get back into hiking and exploring the ruins of the four corners area. Every day we set out on a three to four mile trek to a new location. Although much of the cliff dwellings we have seen before on earlier trips.

The first day was to visit Monarch Canyon up Butler Wash, one of my favorite Anasazi ruins that I have painted before. Behind the ruin there are hand prints up on the wall from the families that lived there.

The next ruin was up on Cedar Mesa. Along one of the many dirt roads you set your odometer to 6.3 and arrive at a trail head. There you follow the path for several miles to a fin that stretches out above the canyon floor. With several zigzags and light climbing moves you end up on a flat top rock structure about 30 feet wide and moving along that for several hundred feet you arrive up at a high perched ruin called Citadel. This would have been towards the end of the Anasazi period around 1300 BC, when times became critical and food scarce.

On the way back we stopped off at Sego Canyon to visit some old petroglyphs, definitive prove that we were visited by space aliens 5000 years ago!!!

Today I was back on the Copenhagen painting adding more boats to the right side. The rigging I got in place in the middle and will move on to the left side tomorrow. It might mean the laundry in the background could be eliminated, I don't want that to be too busy with the masts in front. Once all that is done I'm going to add some figures working on them and then finish up the water.

Richard Boyer

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Thursday night was our crit session up at Nick's place, so I had a list of small changes on these paintings. The first one here needed a few chair removed, they felt it was a little crowded. Now painting out chairs is never an easy project; usually it means covering over the area in a neutral color and re-painting that section over. I also had the head too big on the child to the right, so that was reduced. The trunk of the tree was darkened and some of the umbrellas needed more definition.

The Amsterdam cafe I changed some of the clothing on the figures to brighter reds and oranges. the light post on the left side was lowered so it wouldn't go off the top of the canvas. The ivy in the background was also brought up higher to break the line of windows across the top. I feel the color is a lot better now.

After my daughters soccer game I did another small head study. This was a woman sitting at a cafe by one of the canals in Amsterdam. Some guy was chatting her up across the table and I have a feeling from her body language that she was quite bored!

Richard Boyer

Thursday, April 10, 2014


This morning I was back on to this painting, finishing off the masts in the background boats. I then moved on to the main warehouse. With so many windows I am finding that I need to taker my time and check constantly with the perspective to make sure I'm painting them all so they fall into place. If an angle is off on the architecture the whole building will look just wrong. There is some nice laundry hanging from some of the open windows; as well as potted plants. Once I get all that painted in, along with the masts of the boats in front; the building will seem less dominant.

Here is today's quick study. the lighting wasn't the best in the studio this late in the day. So maybe tomorrow I'll take another shot of it in the morning light.

Richard Boyer

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yesterday I worked on the Copenhagen painting. The background buildings were painted in as well as some of the boats in front of them. I didn't get a chance to throw the masts in there yet. Those should make an interesting pattern against the buildings. There is still a long way to go on the piece, so in the mean time I am hoping on to new works. Paintings that I need to get done for this new gallery in LA.

My head study from yesterday turned more into an entire figure painting of Lillias. We shot this picture of her in the Uinta Mountains as she was making her way through some Aspen trees.  I know most people wouldn't go walking through tight trees with a dress and shall draped around their body. In fact much of the photo shoot she was walking around naked in the woods. So for me it was just a quick exercise in getting her nailed down in the environment, I figured cloths made better sense than without.

Today I worked on a small 10x16 for the LA gallery. This was more or less a one day session. The day before yesterday I covered over the start of an old painting I did in southern Utah, I knew the piece wouldn't amount to much so I used the canvas to start this new work. The cafe is along Prinsengracht in Amsterdam and I was really impressed by the color of the umbrellas, they set off nicely against the reds of the background buildings.

Richard Boyer

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday, April 7

I forgot to post my study from yesterday. This is my son Victor with his usual mop of hair, but it has character, so I decided to paint it any ways.  This picture I used was when we were back at Niagara Falls, he now has shorter hair.

In the morning I was working on my cafe painting, trying to get as much done as possible. It's to the point now where I'll put it aside for a few days and look at it later with a fresh eye. Maybe then I'll see what it needs.

Todays head study was of my oldest son, the blond Swede.

Richard Boyer

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Today was a typical spring day in Utah. This morning it was sunny and warm, looked like it would just be a great day. Then the dark clouds roll in as my daughter has her soccer game, first a cold wind settles in then the rain starts, followed by hail. Before we knew it everyone was freezing in winter gear. Now when I walked out it was sunny and warm again!

I worked a bit on this one in the morning; adding the chairs and some of the elements on the right side. Maybe another few days and it should be done. I was called away from it by the soccer game, so maybe tomorrow I'll get some more accomplished.

My study for today I just finished now at 6:00 in the evening, well I didn't get time to start it until five. It's tax time again, so I was busy counting up a shoe box full of receipts.  The model was another woman from Skansen. Several years back I was there with Lina and we met this person spinning wool from a hand held wooden spool, she was showing the kids how it worked and letting them try it. I as the artist was there taking several hundred pictures.

Richard Boyer

Friday, April 4, 2014


Here was our model from last nights figure painting session at Rick Graham's place. She must have the irish blood in her with all the red hair. I decided to keep doing the head studies instead of the full figure, especially with that hair.  It was a small group with myself, Rick, Robert Duncan and Sid Colton.

After the session they all came back to my place for the evening Crit session, starting at the fashionable time of 9:30. It was good to have Robert Duncan here. With him living up in Midway its about an hours drive away, so I was glad when he said he would drop by for a bit. He does have a nice insight into anatomy and not only can he point out mistakes, but tell you why and how to fix them.

There were small changes done to this piece again. I had to bring more of a sense of light and shadow into the harbor, especially around the white boat coming into dock. I lightened up the water a bit in front of the boat and gave it a shadow behind.  Also the light was brought up more on that third boat in the middle and the sunlight was lowered on the masts to the left. Now when I look at it the whole painting seems more balanced in color.  It is done!!!

For my figure study today I picked a very special person…my daughter. The picture I used is a few years old, one I took when we both visited Skansen in Stockholm.

Richard Boyer