Friday, April 17, 2015


On Thursday I started this 40x40 of Portland, a view of the train coming towards the viewer. The paint was still too wet to work on it today. I find with oil primed linen the surface is smooth and not so absorbent as cotton canvas, so the paint tends to glide around more on this. The next day of painting I find myself scratching up yesterdays strokes with the fresh paint of today. I can't seem to get the darker values to lay on top of the paint. So I'm thinking another day for it to dry a little more and I can attack it without pulling up the first days work.

So I ended up digging through the images I had from San Francisco. One shot I took was with the sun right in my eyes as I looked up the street;  everything was hazed out by the bright light with the silhouette of the bus driving down the road. There was also a bright red awning hit by the sun on the left side. If I can pull it off this will be a really nice piece.

Richard Boyer

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Woke up this morning to about six inches of heavy wet snow and its been snowing off and on all day now. Tomorrow they say it will be up in the 60's; welcome to spring in Utah.

I worked some more on the larger 30x30, trying to keep things loose in the painting. The sky was originally darker, but I thought it looked better with more light which I was able to reflect down into the road. There are a few things that bother me with it so its time to put it aside and look at it with a fresh eye in a few days. Maybe the lower right corner might be too dark?

Richard Boyer

Monday, April 13, 2015


This first painting from Portland is a 20x20. I decided to try the rails of the street car, they have a nice reflection from the rain. Most of this was done is a single session, trying to keep it loose with the brush strokes. I sent off a picture to Jim at Mockingbird and he seemed happy with the result.

On to number two where I'm almost hit by the car !  Actually I noticed they tend to slow down when they see a crazy guy with a camera standing in the middle of the road. This one was harder to get a good picture of with the subtle purple colors. I do like the red truck on the right side. the painting is also a 20x20

The third one I started yesterday with a 30x30 canvas. I'm trying to capture the last light of day.

Richard Boyer

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Its been a while. we did have a great time in San Francisco and I took over a thousand pictures of that town, especially at night with all the city lights.

Since then I have been to Bend, Oregon for my show at Mockingbird Gallery and then on to Portland to get some more city at night shots. I seem to be drawing more interest from the night time paintings of larger cities than from the more traditional landscapes. Jim Peterson from the gallery and I got into a few conversations about the changing art market. He feels they are moving more modern paintings with a contemporary frame put on them. I told him about the night paintings I was doing in salt lake city and he liked the images and felt we should try some from Portland. Move with the times.

The show went well with him selling three works on the opening night. They had it on their first Friday gallery walk which pulls basically the entire population of Bend through the gallery, or so it seems. Compared to Scottsdale where they have several hundred walking through, Bend had over a thousand over the course of the night.

I did try a small 9x12 city painting from Bend that afternoon just to chat with people about the show on the street.

The following day I went out plein air painting with Eric Jacobsen and the former owner of the gallery, Pamela. Eric took us up around his place in Prineville which is located in a nice valley northeast of Bend. Here is a view looking across some open fields with cows and the meandering creek.

The next day I was off to Portland where I stayed at Craig Srebnik's house south of the city. That night we went into Portland where of course it was raining and took shots. The weather was perfect for me trying to capture the reflections of the city at night. The next day I was downtown all day and evening doing it all over again in the rain. From the images I'll do some loose city paintings for Mockingbird Gallery.

I've actually started a few and will have images tomorrow

Richard Boyer

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This Saturday on a bright and early flight we head to San Francisco for a three day Spring Break. We'll stay downtown, walking distance to most things and show the kids the sights and sounds of the big city.  I'll take the camera along to get some nice evening shots of the town as well. Monday late at night we will fly back to Salt Lake where I have one day here before driving out to Bend, Oregon for my Friday show at Mockingbird Gallery.

Well I dug through some old photo's of the kids fishing back about ten years ago and decided to put them in the painting. It adds a nice element with the figures and their fishing rods. I'll show it at the crit session tomorrow night and make a few final changes on it Friday. This painting I'll take to the show.

After talking with Jim Peterson the owner he felt I needed a few more European works, so I got busy and blocked in a few

He found a few extra frames at the gallery, one being a 30x20 inch. So I started this painting of Brugge, Belgium. Its always been a favorite angle for me and is a well known spot by this famous hotel. Here they load up the boats for the tour down through the canals.

This 24x18 I'm still working on. the town in Banon, Provence; and I picked it because of the warm light on the stone walls. the old staircase adds a nice lead-in to the sunlight cafe at the top.  Now it still needs more work which I will do tomorrow. The figure needs to be defined more, another words more color added so she pops at the top of the stairs. I'll add some red flowers to the left side to balance the painting off as well.

Richard Boyer

Friday, March 20, 2015


Today I worked more in the background. With the trees, at the end of the meadow being so far back they tend to blend into the ones on the side of the mountain. Since there is miles of separation I needed to show that. So the pine trees on Broken Top Mountain I put a lot of blue in and darkened the value right behind the foreground trees. I also keep them warmer and slightly lighter in value so they pop out a little from the background. With a warm foreground and cool background it reads well. Tomorrow I'll add the figures on the right bank.

This one I finally finished off as well and sent the image to Jim at Mockingbird Gallery. I've ordered some nice frames for these which should be arriving on Monday.

Richard Boyer

Thursday, March 19, 2015


I did this small 12x16 painting this morning, or rather this afternoon. Its of the Cathedral of the Madeline on South Temple Street and fun to work on with the car headlights all blending into a blur.

This morning I was called in for jury duty at the Salt Lake Courthouse, luckily it was for small crimes, D.U.I.'s, etc.. They said most cases are resolved in a day. I was fearing some long three month murder trial. Out of the 22 people that were there, they only picked four for the trial and I got to walk back home. What a relief and now they have to wait two years before calling on me again.

Richard Boyer