Wednesday, May 18, 2016


I took a better shot of the painting and got the real contrast. This one I'm calling done, the gallery owner seems happy with it. And it has a little bit of a story to it with the woman waiting for the last train home.  I have another 36x36 I've started that needs to be finished and then I can send them both off to the gallery next week.

This one is number three in the aerial paintings. The 40x40 inch view is of the Missouri River at sunset. Its a little different from the New York City painting,  to give some variety to the collection.

I'm making number four a view over Las Vegas. On our last trip to Sweden we landed in the evening and I got this shot. So today I worked on the sky and will progress down to the city tomorrow.

Richard Boyer

Friday, May 13, 2016


This is the finished version of New York City, as for the elevation I'm not really sure. The lower section took some time to do with all the architecture and in the end I did blur out some of the detail so the eye would linger too long on Brooklyn.

The 36x36 here for Mockingbird Gallery should be close to finished.  I'll have to set it aside to see what else it needs. It might need some other element in the painting.

Richard Boyer

Thursday, May 5, 2016


It took two days to finish off the lower section, just a little too much detail there. So now I'll set it aside and think about it. Maybe it might be good to go back into it and blur a few buildings out in Brooklyn.

Some place, somewhere I caught a stomach virus. So for the last few days its been a lot of yogurt and mild food. I have a feeling I most likely picked this up in Portland. Well its slowly working its way out and I am feeling better.

Jim Peterson from Mockingbird Gallery sent me a text yesterday that he sold this 30x30 of Portland and is in need of more. The pressure is on to paint, which believe me is better than not selling which tends to be the norm in the artists world.

So I started this 36x36 painting of the tracks line in Portland. It had just rained and the setting sun was reflecting off the rails; something I can blast in with a pallet knife so it should look nice and juicy when done. I'll have a guy waiting by the left side of the line there for the last train home feel.

Richard Boyer

Monday, May 2, 2016


Here is my finished Amsterdam Painting

Portland was great for taking pictures, the first day was rain, just what the doctor ordered. the next two were partly cloudy with some bright sun. So all in all I took around 1800 pictures and had a good time with Jim Peterson the gallery owner. He followed me around with some ideas for what his clients might be looking for and kept an eye out for me as I went out into traffic to get the middle of the street shots. He had his car there which I might just add costs quit a bit to park anywhere.
; so we did get a chance to take off to some areas I would not have been able to on foot. 

We did try out the pubs in the evening and a lot of good restaurants. The large amount of homeless people did add an interesting element to the shots, especially in the evening with their sleeping bags everywhere.

After I get these four large aerial paintings done for thew New Masters Gallery I'll have a chance to start up on all the new works from Portland.  I'm happy with the Amsterdam work above

Here is my next one from New York City. This one is proving to be more work since its from a closer angle to the city. I can't just keep the buildings abstract or else it will look odd. the foreground will really be the challenge with the city so close-up.

Richard Boyer

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Now I have the canals in place. Took a little time with the layout to make sure they were somewhat accurate. I didn't want to copy too much since one could very easy become obsessed with it. Not to mention how long it would take. The idea was to be accurate enough so people could realize what city it is without too much detail. The canals I will brighten up later on towards the end of the painting; that will help with the movement throughout the work.

Sunday I'll be flying out to Portland, Oregon for a photo shoot of the city in rain. Jim Peterson from the Mockingbird Gallery will be driving there to meet me and as he put it we will be forced to try out all the local beers at the pubs.  I'm not sure how exciting he will find it to follow me around while I shoot, but actually as the gallery owner he might know better what people are looking for in a panting. Nothing like someone in the know, telling you what some of his clients are looking for!

It will be fun just to spend some time there to play around

Richard Boyer

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Well I couldn't wait and decided to start one of the 40x40's. The other city painting can wait a bit, its nice to have several paintings in the works that way i don't get too bored with one of them. 

This is just the start where I figure out the composition; The main river is down in front: actually this would have been the open sea back some 400 years ago; since then the dutch have been filling it in to reclaim land. I hinted at the canals just above the main waterway.

I then blasted in the background colors of the city, land and sky, keeping everything as loose as I could.

With a few darks I wanted to put those in next to establish my range of values. I now have my darkest dark at the bottom and lightest light in the upper right corner.

Next I defined the lakes in the background and some of the blues.

This morning I had fun and put in the city in the lower foreground. There I mainly looked for the broad shapes and colors of the ground below. The value was the same but there was a difference in color between the bluish trees and the warmer buildings. With the addition of some highlights on the roof tops and what ever else was reflecting light the city now comes together better. Its very loose and almost abstract but from a distance it all reads as the city below. It's amazing how a few brush strokes with fool the eye of a rooftop or roadway.  Tomorrow I'll work on the canals of the old town.

Richard Boyer

Friday, April 15, 2016


I worked a little more on this 30x30. The dark clouds were lowered down more and I introduced some more purples in there as well. The trees were also a little too round so I broke those up and worked some on the cars; especially the black one in front. So now I get to set it aside and live with it for a few days to see if anything more jumps out at me.

I got a lot done on this one yesterday. The left side and background are close to done. Now its just that right side I need to figure out what to do with. It will need some figures there and some good reflections in the road. A few more days and I should have it done.

I chatted with the New Masters Gallery yesterday in Carmel and they want to try a bunch of those aerial 40x40's. They told me they could frame them up locally so I wouldn't have to worry about making them myself; which generally took more time to do than the painting itself.  This weekend I'll head to the home depot for the masonite and get them all ready to go for next week.

Richard Boyer