Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Over the weekend, actually three days of it, we did a raft trip down the Green River from Flaming Gorge Dam.  The river level was very high with all the mountain snow melt, they had the dam release opened up all the way.  This usually means most rapids are washed out with too much flow, you just don't notice them anymore.

Here is a picture of the top section as it meandered through pine trees and cliffs.

A few of the rapids were still left and it made for some good practice for those members of the group who have never rowed through white water.

This usually meant we got a little wet sometimes. My son,. Markus tried his hand at fly fishing but never really caught anything. Its always a question as to what they are going for on a certain day , it might be flies or worms, who knows!

It was a relaxing trip any ways and a fun time to spend Fathers day on the river. I do feel we had out dose of vitamin D from the sun and it might be good to spend the next couple of days out of it. 

Richard Boyer

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