Thursday, June 2, 2016


Its been a while working on paintings for Mockingbird gallery and the New Masters Gallery, and to get them all out the door. I also got a call from May Gallery in Scottsdale that he was closing his doors for good, no longer could he make a go of it. That was a bit of a shocker since I've been with them for twenty years or so.. So last week I had to drive down there to pick up all my work, 23 paintings in all.  I've never had the car so packed to the top as that; five paintings were even on the roof tied on to the luggage rack.

I did go around to the other galleries to see if they had any openings but most were in the same boat, just barely hanging on in the election year economy.  The last gallery I walked into, Brennen Gallery liked my cityscapes and decided to give me a try. He closes down for the summer months but opens up again in September; but still he took three smaller 12x16 San Francisco works of mine to try the market with in June.  In the fall he will contact for more larger pieces.

Well this morning I decided to try something new and fun. I bought a roller and a couple of other tools to push the paint around and produced this 22x22 cityscape of Portland. Its nice to get most of it done in one session.

Here is a picture of the Las Vegas painting. I finally finished it off,  the last one and sent them off to Carmel. There the gallery will frame all four up and put them in their main window.

This 36x36 I did last week for the Mockingbird Gallery and its now some place driving on a Fedex truck to Portland and then Bend, Oregon.  Jim is having his gallery walk night tomorrow so hopefully he'll get the box that day and put a few on the wall for the crowds. 

Richard Boyer

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  1. Hi Richard,

    A roller?

    Going into the house-painting bidness are ya?

    Reminds me of that guy with the Afro who used a 4 inch brush to paint "happy trees" on TV.

    --Larry Darkness