Thursday, May 5, 2016


It took two days to finish off the lower section, just a little too much detail there. So now I'll set it aside and think about it. Maybe it might be good to go back into it and blur a few buildings out in Brooklyn.

Some place, somewhere I caught a stomach virus. So for the last few days its been a lot of yogurt and mild food. I have a feeling I most likely picked this up in Portland. Well its slowly working its way out and I am feeling better.

Jim Peterson from Mockingbird Gallery sent me a text yesterday that he sold this 30x30 of Portland and is in need of more. The pressure is on to paint, which believe me is better than not selling which tends to be the norm in the artists world.

So I started this 36x36 painting of the tracks line in Portland. It had just rained and the setting sun was reflecting off the rails; something I can blast in with a pallet knife so it should look nice and juicy when done. I'll have a guy waiting by the left side of the line there for the last train home feel.

Richard Boyer

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