Monday, May 2, 2016


Here is my finished Amsterdam Painting

Portland was great for taking pictures, the first day was rain, just what the doctor ordered. the next two were partly cloudy with some bright sun. So all in all I took around 1800 pictures and had a good time with Jim Peterson the gallery owner. He followed me around with some ideas for what his clients might be looking for and kept an eye out for me as I went out into traffic to get the middle of the street shots. He had his car there which I might just add costs quit a bit to park anywhere.
; so we did get a chance to take off to some areas I would not have been able to on foot. 

We did try out the pubs in the evening and a lot of good restaurants. The large amount of homeless people did add an interesting element to the shots, especially in the evening with their sleeping bags everywhere.

After I get these four large aerial paintings done for thew New Masters Gallery I'll have a chance to start up on all the new works from Portland.  I'm happy with the Amsterdam work above

Here is my next one from New York City. This one is proving to be more work since its from a closer angle to the city. I can't just keep the buildings abstract or else it will look odd. the foreground will really be the challenge with the city so close-up.

Richard Boyer

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