Thursday, April 21, 2016


Now I have the canals in place. Took a little time with the layout to make sure they were somewhat accurate. I didn't want to copy too much since one could very easy become obsessed with it. Not to mention how long it would take. The idea was to be accurate enough so people could realize what city it is without too much detail. The canals I will brighten up later on towards the end of the painting; that will help with the movement throughout the work.

Sunday I'll be flying out to Portland, Oregon for a photo shoot of the city in rain. Jim Peterson from the Mockingbird Gallery will be driving there to meet me and as he put it we will be forced to try out all the local beers at the pubs.  I'm not sure how exciting he will find it to follow me around while I shoot, but actually as the gallery owner he might know better what people are looking for in a panting. Nothing like someone in the know, telling you what some of his clients are looking for!

It will be fun just to spend some time there to play around

Richard Boyer

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