Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I finished off the Shackleton painting and sent off the image to the American Society of Marine painters show. We'll see if it gets in or not, then I'll need to get it framed up and sent back east..

I've had a slight rash of sales happen the last few days. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it might pick up. 

New Masters Gallery in Carmel sold this 30x30 of San Francisco. I called this the canyon light of the city. With the buildings blocking out the noonday light it reminded me of some of the river canyons I've floated down.

And then the same gallery said they sold this large 40x40. They had a problem with UPS breaking the frame I made for it, so they are waiting on them to make a claim.  That seems so typical for UPS, I gave up years ago using them for that very reason, too many damaged boxes. I found Fedex to be far superior. 

Then last but not least Jim Peterson from Mockingbird Gallery sold this 30x30 of Portland last night. So once I get paid for these I should be happy.

Richard Boyer

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