Friday, April 15, 2016


I worked a little more on this 30x30. The dark clouds were lowered down more and I introduced some more purples in there as well. The trees were also a little too round so I broke those up and worked some on the cars; especially the black one in front. So now I get to set it aside and live with it for a few days to see if anything more jumps out at me.

I got a lot done on this one yesterday. The left side and background are close to done. Now its just that right side I need to figure out what to do with. It will need some figures there and some good reflections in the road. A few more days and I should have it done.

I chatted with the New Masters Gallery yesterday in Carmel and they want to try a bunch of those aerial 40x40's. They told me they could frame them up locally so I wouldn't have to worry about making them myself; which generally took more time to do than the painting itself.  This weekend I'll head to the home depot for the masonite and get them all ready to go for next week.

Richard Boyer

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