Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29

Saturday night we had visitors fly in from Sweden. After the usual 16 hour flight, Lottie an old school friend of Karin's arrived with her two boys for some spring break skiing and southern Utah exploration. She has known Lottie since middle school.

The first thing on their bucket list was shopping at a large sports store in the states, they wanted to pick up tennis shoes which are half price here and check out the basket ball jerseys. Next on the list was eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken !

Yeah, I know...........who the Hell would ever want to eat there!!!

Normally this is a place I avoid like the plague, the name even sounds greasy. But, since they don't have K.F.C. in Sweden yet, they decided it was a must.........I felt sick afterwards from the deep fried chicken fat and I,m sure for the Swedes this will also be the last time they ever eat there again.

We have a Jazz basket ball game to go to tonight, yes that's right another thing on the list!

Tomorrow it will be skiing up at Alta.

I worked more on the boats today, mainly the ones on the left side as well as all the masts. The center boat still needs work and also the foreground right boat. I think the water needs to come up in value, but that will be easy enough to lay down some lighter values across the darker blue.

Richard Boyer

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  1. richard,

    Not to pick nits or anyhting,

    but I think you meant "plague" (not plaque).

    Plaque is what you get on your teeth or in your arteries.

    To be avoided, yes, but not like the "Plague", which will kill you in a matter of days.

    Larry Darkness