Friday, March 19, 2010


The crit session went well last night. We started out with a little subtle wine tasting. Two bottles of the same wine, but two years apart. So the difference in taste can be hard to tell. The 2007 had the hint of cherry and the 2005 the same cherry smell and taste, but also a hint of leather.

Ah, there you go, a much rounder taste to the older one. I filled my glass up with that one!

So after cracking open a few bottles of wine, we headed upstairs to Nick's studio and ripped into the paintings. Here is what they said about this one-

Overall they liked the figures, there was some interaction between them, which was good. The background buildings needed work, they were suggesting to blue them out a bit. Well I tried that and it failed right off the mark, the entire painting had a cold feel to it, plain and just brought too much blue into the piece. So I repainted the buildings, but instead kept them warmer but darker, thereby giving the scene more contrast.

They informed me that the umbrellas needed more light, with a light side and dark side. So that I did. The figure in red on the right side needed some work around her head, it looked like she had a really thick neck and flat I fixed that as well.

What else?....oh, the sky needed more blue. Some thicker brush strokes on the pavement. A little more blue to the plaza background so it would recede more and a little plant at the end of the wall behind the people.

That was this mornings project, as I looked at my notes. Monday I need to start a 24x36 boat painting. Southam Gallery called me and said they had a client in there that fell in love with a sold piece I did earlier with boats and wanted something in that direction. They live back in Connecticut by the coast and naturally love the boats. So I need to come up with an idea over the weekend.

We woke up to an inch of snow on the ground this morning. It looks rather depressing when you consider the warm spring like temps we have been having. This Sunday its suppose to be back up in the 60's again........welcome to spring in Utah!

Richard Boyer

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  1. Richard,

    Something I have always wondered:

    If everyone is drinking when they critique your painting, does that increase the likelihood that you will sell it to a drunkard?

    Of course, a little alcohol reduces inhibitions.

    But a lot (glass-breaking quantity) reduces the ability to think clearly (or even at all).

    There is a fine line (or is it wine?) between the two. :)

    of course, there are undoubtedly some very rich drunkards (eg, on Wall Street) who probably have (several) houses filled to the brim with artwork.

    So perhaps that is what you are going for?

    Larry Darkness