Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The doctorate celebration is over. We had champagne and fresh halibut on the grill last night........yeah, bring more of that on !

Today I am back to reality, trying to loosely block in the boats that I want to have in this piece. Most of fishing boats have tall masts which will help break up the sky on the left side. I originally had the trees coming up higher there, but after seeing the masts coming up to the top of the canvas, I thought it would make a better contrast against a lighter sky than those dark trees.

I also need to block in the foreground boat in the lower right side and figure out what I want to have in the background. There is a little too much decision making involved in this painting. I'm not working from one particular reference piece, but rather a conglomeration of images. So the boats that I am adding have to fit into the landscape and in relationship to each other or else they will look totally off!

Sometimes when you get into these situations the painting seems to drag on forever.

Speaking of which, I have started my taxes finally. Seems every year I put it off until the end. I tend to just throw all my years worth of receipts into a shoe box and then have the daunting project of trying to sort everything out and add them all up. After an hour or so of number crunching I realize that for me the worst occupation in the world would be that of an accountant. Forgive me if there are any accountants reading this, but how the Hell can you possible keep your sanity just punching numbers all day long into a calculator? I'd rather roll around in fiberglass !!!

Richard Boyer

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