Thursday, March 4, 2010


The crit session is at my place tonight, lets see if we can hold out on the broken wine glasses!

Today I grabbed an older work I got back from the Mystic Gallery and re-painted vast areas of the small 12x16.

I brought the older version into the crit session a few weeks ago and the critters (critique members) told me that it felt closed in. It was suggested that I get rid of some of the houses on the right and open up the water. Also to give it a light source, since right now its hard to tell where the sun light is coming from, especially in the foreground houses.

They will usually say, "You can fix that can't you, your a professional?"

The photo didn't turn out the greatest, maybe a little too dark, but I did take away a lot of the buildings, blued up the water and gave the houses more contrast. I added a bit more dimension to the back ground hills and put some more boats in the harbor. The critters can attack it tonight after the second bottle of wine is opened !

I need to get to the wine store now to pick some up, before leaving for skiing at Mountain Dell.

Richard Boyer

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  1. "...get rid of some of the houses on the right.."

    When I took out our concrete front steps a while back to make room for the new it was half a day with a sledgehammer -- and then i had to cart away the huge rubble pile of concrete and mangled rebar with the wheelbarrow. Hard work.

    Paint brush would have been easier.

    Maybe I'll try that next time.

    --Larry Darkness