Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday, March 15

I saw on my facebook, that somebody sent out a good youtube link about Johnny Nice Painter and his problems with black paint !

If the link doesn't work below, just type in Johnny Nice Painter, black.....its really quite funny !

We went skiing yesterday up at Alta. The top part of the mountain was a complete white-out with the clouds. Its the weirdest feeling trying to ski down an incline when everything is white, you have no reference if you are moving or not. As a result one falls quite a lot, especially when you think you are standing still, but in fact actually moving along into a mougel field. I know the word mougel is spelled wrong, but spell check doesn't seem to get it and pulls up totally un-related choices. It was fun skiing yesterday, we actually got a few powder runs in the morning.

This morning I worked more on the composition of the figures, not trying to finish them off at this point, but just making sure they all are where they should be. So, yes a few were moved around. I'll finish off the people over on the left side, then I'll come back with thicker paint and put in the deciding brush strokes. There is no point doing that too early on, especially when things might be moved around. I still don't like the chairs and table in the lower left. Maybe I just need to move them over a bit?

Richard Boyer

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