Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday, March 1

Yesterday was a ski day up at Alta. I tried some out of bounds skiing through heavy crusted-over powder. It wasn't pleasant and my knees feel it reminded me of skiing through wet concrete. But the sun was out for part of the day and we had fun.

Today I worked on the Idaho farm piece and took out the figures on the right.....they just didn't work. Why would two figures be standing out in the middle of the field any way?

I also added more green to the bushes, yellows to the grass and a bit of red under the bush to the right. It could still use some more color, but I don't want to over do I might just let it be until the crit session this Thursday. I know Ron Bailey from the May Gallery would want me to throw in gaudy red flowers every where.......because Red sells!!!

But that is not going to happen!

This was my next block in.....which I think is close to done. I kept the foreground loose and had some fun with the pallet knife and a big brush. Its a 20x30 in size. The scene is from a painting trip I did eons ago down in Tucson, Arizona. I drove south of there towards the Mexican boarder and took some dirt road off the main highway and headed up into the mountains. So Brent Nageli, this painting is from your area, good luck trying to find the house, I was lost myself driving around there!

Richard Boyer

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