Friday, February 26, 2010


We have sugar ants invading our home, the damn things seem to be coming in everywhere. I bought some of that ant killer in a spray bottle from Home Depot and have now hit all the holes they seem to be marching up through, but sure enough after another day they find some other spot to come in!
Maybe a couple of gallons of DDT would do the trick. They seem to be after the dog food all the time. A few times the dog has seem her bowl just filled up with ants and gets a little freaked out by it

The crit went well last night. Robert wasn't there, so no glasses were broken. They liked the start of this piece here, but warned me to not take it to a detailed level. Good point, but I really need to give the house some detail, or else there isn't much to look at. The grass I tried to keep loose. I'm not too sure about the couple I added over on the right side, they may be a little too much.

As usual both of my entries into the Oil Painters of America show were rejected, that seems to always be the problem when the initial judging is left up to the same OPA member each year. They always advertise a new judge for the prizes given out at the show itself, but the initial selection of which work gets into the show is done by the same member every year. The result ends up being more or less just the work he likes or feels an affinity to. Arts for the Parks really had the best judging system, where three judges weighed into the selection of the show and as a result the final show had more diversity.

Someday they might get a clue!

Richard Boyer


  1. The thing I thought was good about Arts for the parks was that the judging was blind.

    I entered a few paintings in that over a couple different years and was rejected both times.

    i was not really surprised, given the caliber of the competition (hhhem), but at least I felt there was an even playing field -- ie, that my paintings were being judged based on merit 9or lack thereof) rather than on my "Art resume" (nonexistent).

    --larry darkness

  2. "Maybe a couple of gallons of DDT would do the trick. They seem to be after the dog food all the time."

    ... maybe DDT on the dog food, which would kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. (ie, take care of the dog parking itself behind you when you paint, which you have complained about several times)

    --larry darkness