Friday, February 12, 2010


We had some fresh snow two mornings in a row now, but most of that has melted away with sunny afternoons. I did feel it yesterday afternoon as I plowed through it with the skate skis. Fresh snow is always harder to glide through and a much bigger workout when you do the same distance as compared to a day when the snow has been packed down and iced over. I felt it that evening at the crit session.

I spent much of the day working on corrections.

The group hated the violet color in the background, so I switched it out for a warmer orange. That same color I brought down into the water at the bottom and also shot a ray of sunlight across the water by the boats. They felt that one of the hulls should have a shot of a different color, which I did and added a flag at the top as well. A few changes were done to the trees and rock cliffs, so that now it seems to have more color and contrast.

The next project was the girl in the sand dunes, the red bathing suit she had on, had to go. They thought it was too red on red. So now she has some blue shorts. I also moved one of the legs forward and changes some of the grass around in from of the sand. I still have some changes to do to the 36x24 village scene, which I couldn't get to today. I need to work on that over the weekend.

Richard Boyer

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