Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm back again. The show was rather dismal, with no sales to speak of. They did sell the 40x30 stair painting I did before the show and of course they have some leads on other works with clients. So it may just be a waiting game to see what moves in the next couple weeks............God, how I had this economy. You can see the signs of it picking up, more or less like a glacier slowly moving down the mountain.

When I was in the gallery, I spent most of the time with my easel touching up older paintings and adding a lot of color. Let's just hope that does the trick. They certainly have the inventory now of paintings.

The first couple days down there in Scottsdale it was close to 75 degrees and sunny...what a change from up here in Salt Lake. To bad I didn't really have any time to hang out in the sun. It would have been nice to just pull out a deck chair and hang out by some pool side!

I did walk around a little looking in the other galleries. Most of which seemed to be in the same boat with sales. Trailside Gallery had a show so I walked over there to check it out and noticed very few red dots on anything. I always feel like the vultures are out when I walk into that place. Eons ago I bought a resale painting of Dan Gerhartz form Pierce Fine Art, they use to be on Main street and some time ago they sold their mailing list to Trailside. Ever since I have been getting brochures in the mail.

They are to the point now of asking your name when you come in the door and then off they go to check their records in the computer " Ah, yes...Mr Boyer, he expressed interests in 2005 of this artist or that artist show!" Then she shows up again around the next corner and announces that Stan will be with me shortly, Stan is one of the agents I must have talked to eons ago.

"Hello Mr Boyer"..."We don't have any paintings of Joe Artist at this moment, but we will soon and I'll be sure to send you a copy before the bidding start" I didn't have the heart to tell Stan, that I am not interested in buying work of "Joe the artist" I'm only here to look at the show you had in peace and quiet!

I did notice a large Mian Situ there with a red dot, most likely sold for some six figure number. It would be nice to be in that league someday.

Sunday I drove up through a blizzard in southern Utah, passing a few semi's twisted up by the side of the road. All that snow added a good hour on to the drive time back to Salt Lake.

This mornings project was an older painting I got back from the Howard/Mandville Gallery several months ago, so I worked on it and took out the older figure and added a small market in the background. Above is the newer version, below is what it looked like before.

Yeah, I know, the figure is pretty lame !

Richard Boyer

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