Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I had to miss the model session last night, Karin had some night class to go to and it was my job to guard the fort. So it was chicken fajitas and the Jay Leno show!

Yesterday I sent off an email to the Mystic Gallery complaining about the overkill packing job, but as usual nobody responds there. It just goes ignored. So now I have ten older paintings to re-work, which for me is fun. Its amazing how much you can learn about painting in just the coarse of a year, when I see stuff from four years ago its like..."wow, the artist can be taught new tricks !!!"

I started off on this piece here today from about three years ago, I like it but it needs more contrast.
Also the line of boats had to go, so the one off to the left I moved over and changed direction, so now its jibbing to starboard (thats to the right for all you land folk) . The water was also lightened up, along with the background trees. I raised the height of the tree on the left shoreline and where ever possible tried to bring in contrast against the sky.

It really popped the tree line on top of the rock cliff behind the sailboats. The water will still need more work, but I need to give it some time to dry a bit, I went over it with some thick paint and its a little hard to get it like I want it. The rocks will need some more texture and form also, so at least I'll have something to do tomorrow!

Ron from the May Gallery in Scottsdale just called and told me that he sold this piece. Its still in my studio! Yes, I do love the power of JEPG files and emails.....maybe now I should put a cute large-eyed puppy dog in the piece and see what Ron would say.

I have to mail it off soon and get it down to him, so the client can see it in person. That always makes me happy when things sell before they leave the studio.......yeah its been a while with this economy!
Seems like every time the stock market does a hiccup, the art market suffers.

Richard Boyer

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