Thursday, February 4, 2010


The sun is shinning and its warm outside. Almost feels like Spring, except for all that pesky snow lying around on the ground! This afternoon we are heading up to Mountain Dell again to do some track skiing, so I'll enjoy the sun there.

I worked this morning on the 20x30 again, just trying to define the water better.

Some stormier clouds were added with rain coming down on the left side. The crit tonight at my place, and yes, most likely a broken wine glass by Robert; I'll find out what this piece could use this evening after the tongues have been loosened up with wine.

I also worked on a smaller 11x14 that was part of the collection the Mystic Gallery sent back.

This painting basically lacked contrast. So I darkened down the water and added brighter highlights. In fact I did that with most of the objects in the piece, starting out with the background and moving forward to the boats on the left and right side. Giving it darker darks and lighter lights. Its amazing just that little rule will give your work more the illusion of a bright day. Last years the May Gallery sold a 36x48 version I did of this scene. The view is Stockholm, Sweden from the bridge that goes over to Djurgarden (one of the many islands in town)

People will often ask me which city I consider to be the most beautiful in Europe and being married to a Swede......"My wife has told me to say, Stockholm, Sweden!!!"

Now, between you and me.....I'm rather partial to Provence. There is a certain lifestyle there I really get into.

Richard Boyer

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