Thursday, February 11, 2010


I started another 24x36 painting for the show in Scottsdale, they indicated maybe a landscape would be I picked something from Provence. The area here is in the Luberon Valley, known for its wine growing. I would like to capture the sun drenched limestone on the ground and the rich greens of the vineyard. There was also a small sunflower field in the background which should add some contrasting color. The village of Bonnieux is off to the left more, but I might use some artistic license and add the buildings in on the left side. I have only a few days to get this all wrapped up before I leave, so the pressure is on!

I worked also on this piece and threw in some clouds with a few birds way off in the distance. I'll bring it to the crit tonight and we'll see what the wine brings out!

Richard Boyer

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