Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night we were treated to a hand full of free tickets to see the "Pink Floyd Experience". How is this possible, you might just well ask.....easy when one of the scout parents, Steve Boulay is part owner of an entertainment company in Salt Lake City. They are in charge of pulling in events like this and some times he comes across promotional tickets. So last week when he started handing them out at the scout meeting, most everybody yelled out, "Hell yes!"

We were about five adults and ten kids all going to this flash-back concert at the University of Utah. The group, made up of six guys ( No, not the original band members.....they would be close to 70 for some of them!) , but any ways they did a killer job of the old classic songs by the original Pink Floyd. It was a real flash back to the 70's as they played for two and a half hours. I would definitely recommend seeing the show, it was a lot of fun!

Okay, this always seems to happen. That painting of the stairs I told you about that sold at the May Gallery, well Ron called me back an hour later and told me a second person called about it and wanted to know if he could buy it. I've had this happen a few times before, a painting will sit on the gallery wall for half a year, but as soon as it sell, there is somebody else calling back to see if the work is still available!

Ron was wondering if I had something similar in the works. So now I am left with the thought, if I can get the same color theme going, maybe the client will go for this one? I looked at the piece from yesterday and did some changes to this one......what do you think?

I added some warmer oranges to the left side, broke up the front steps and busted up the walkway some more. When I was finished with it, I sent off the image to the gallery and got this as a reply "Richard, The client really liked the archway in the other piece!"..........Right, sometimes you can never win, the colors are similar, but maybe I need to build an arch someplace up the stairs in order for the client to find it interesting?

Richard Boyer

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