Friday, February 5, 2010


The crit went well last night, nothing broken. I took my notes and had a few things to do on this piece.

They thought some of the figures needed work, which they did, especially the ones facing towards the viewer. A few chairs needed longer legs or perspective problems addressed and the cobblestones lacked some work with texture. I broke out the handy pallet knife for that!

Next on the chopping block was the boat painting here. Carlie thought that the whole painting needed more color. The horizon was lacking another color to break it up more, so I threw in some pink just above the trees. Also some orange was added to the rocks behind the boats and a few brighter greens in the trees. The sailboat to the right was more straight up and down, which of course they thought would be impossible with the wind. Actually, in reality it was more or less straight up, but for the sake of drama, I painted it out and put a new mast in leaning to port. A few white caped waves were also added to give the foreground more zip.

I sent both JEPG images off to the May Gallery, so they could circulate them to their clients. Ron also said he found two more 24x36 frames at the gallery, which I could use, that is if I can get two 24x36 painting done in time before I leave on the 17th.

Richard Boyer

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