Thursday, February 25, 2010


Jim Peterson from the Mockingbird Gallery has been emailing me to do something different from the usual European subject matter I have been sending him in the past.

Maybe I should explain that Jim use to sell my work at the May Galleries years ago in Scottsdale. Well he started the family life and thought it best to get out of the big city and head back up to the northwest. He ended up buying this gallery from another artist and has making a go of it ever since.

He use to sell a ton of European work for me when he was with May Galleries, but I guess the people living around Bend, Oregon don't go over to Europe that much. Maybe its because they are a younger crowd and haven't traveled as much as the retired people living around Scottsdale, Arizona. You can kind of see that in the cars people drive. In a retired community you see more top of the line Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. In Bend, Oregon its more Subaru with the ski rack on the top!

So Jim told me to try painting a Schmid like farm house from the country.........@%#@, I'd rather be doing French cafe scenes, but I grudgingly gave in and told him I'd give it a try.

It's a 24x36 of a farm house I saw up in Idaho, just north of Bear Lake. As we drove past the place it looked abandoned and over grown with weeds and grasses, the perfect subject matter to paint. I blocked it in today and worked on the composition. There was this nice field of dried grass in front, so I would like to bring that up a lot in the work. The path, or what looks like a path is made up, I figured one needs a lead-in to the house or else it won't look inviting!

I'm off to do some skate skiing this afternoon. Tuesdays and Thursdays I try to get in 12 K of work-out as the kids are in their ski classes. It's good to feel that you have put the muscles to use before partaking in the wine tonight at the crit session. Rose and Nick are putting it on tonight

Richard Boyer

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