Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, Feb. 15

Here is the last 24x36 for the show down in Scottsdale. I enlarged the town quite a bit and finished off the vineyards. Maybe I could sell it to a wine collector !

The area is the Luberon Valley in Provence and actually quite famous for its wine, although I am more partial to Bordeaux wines.

Today I've been busy with shooting all the work in jepg format for the gallery and also trying to update my web site, which I rarely do..... its always to damn time consuming. If only I could convince my 14 year old to do it, he seems more interested in just playing games with the computer. I keep telling him if only he could re-direct the interest into web designing, he could make a fortune....but no, the ultimate Lego game seems to win out every time!

Richard Boyer


  1. Yes, he could make a (vaninshingly small) fortune designing I have done. I could count the pennies on a fingerless hand.

    Larry Darkness.

  2. PS Richard.

    The real money -- and challenge -- is in developing computer games, which are actually quite sophisticated and often push the limits on software and hardware.

    Perhaps you should inform your son that he can actually get paid good money for playing games.

    I like the vinyard painting, by the way. but what is is with you and S's, anyway?

    -Larry Darkness

  3. I like this one too. Fits in with the area in which I live - Niagara County, NY. We have a Wine Trail here with lots of small vineyards. You might do well here for this kind of subject matter. Plus there's the Erie Canal and Niagara Falls. Well, maybe not the falls--it's probably over used as subject matter. There's also the Market Street Art Center in Lockport directly across from the Canal where artists have studios and classes. They work and sell their work there. Have you been there?