Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I spent some more time working on the buildings in the back ground and also decided on some clouds in the sky. This will give some activity to the right side of the piece. Don't mind the shadow at the top from the clamp on the easel. Its not from a UFO above the town.

There is a nice sunlight bush that cuts across the road in the low section of the painting, so that will help block off that straight line at the bottom. I'll put that in tomorrow, when I work on the bottom half. This piece needs to be done for the crit session, so I can move on to another 24x36, before I head down to Scottsdale next Wednesday.

This afternoon I was going to take over Karin's cross country ski class. A group of about ten little kids 7-10 in age, so it could be fun. I figure it might be cool to have them do some jumping. They built a small ski jump up at Mountain Dell and its a blast to watch people go off it on cross country gear! I'll stand at the bottom and pick up the pieces.

Richard Boyer

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