Wednesday, February 10, 2010


You will notice that none of the kids broke their legs, although some of them really tried with the speed they flew off the jump. Here are a few shots from the wild world of sports.

It didn't really matter how much I yelled out to slow down, their minds were off someplace else. But I really think they had a lot of fun. On downhill skis this would be no problem, but with the cross country it's a different challenge all together with your heals not attached to the ski.

We did a few other games such as sharks and minnows, where I am naturally the shark and the kids all running off in different directions as I chase after them. It was more of a work out for me than them on that game! Handling ten kids can often be a little chaotic at best and its definitely something I wouldn't do as a full time job!

So Karin signed us both up for a doctors check-up at her hospital, you know the place where they examen the CEO's and look at everything from A to Z for an exorbitant price. Thank God, we don't have to pay that much just for the used car check-up service. This morning I had to go in for a blood draw and that meant no eating breakfast or coffee beforehand. So at 7:30 in the morning and half a sleep they stuck a needle in my arm and pulled out a few vials of blood. For me its a rude awakening before having my morning caffeine.

I worked more on the Hilltop village painting again today. I think the only thing I have left to work on now is the clouds, which I'll do tomorrow before the crit session. I keep wondering if some birds flying in the sky would help, it could add an interesting curve to the top half of the piece.

This is another painting I got back from the Mystic Gallery and I think the only thing I did to it was to lengthen the shorts on her and lighten up the front of the shirt she is wearing. I'll bring it also to the crit, but I have a feeling maybe it just needs a new try in a different gallery. I've had that happen before, where a painting will sit for a year at one place, but as soon as you send it off to a new gallery and new location it sell fast. So maybe I'll take it with me when I drive down to Scottsdale next week.

Richard Boyer

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