Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The sun is shinning and its really warm I want to get this logged in and head out in the sun. Lina is waiting with tennis racket in hand!

You most likely will have to look closely at the painting to see the changes I did today. Mainly I worked on their figures over at the right side, trying to bring detail and form into them. The plant on the right side will cover over parts of the guests and tables, but still I need to make sense of the people before covering over them with plant leaves. I did shrink down the table in the foreground and moved it over a little to the left. I'll have a few plant leaves moving more over to the left side as well. Let's see if I can get this puppy done for the crit session tomorrow. I need to finish off the greenery at the bottom, decide if I want to bring flowers into it there or not and then address little things here and there throughout the painting.

Rose agreed to do the crit up at her place, since they were gone last week and I volunteered to put it on instead.

Thanks to all for the comments about Lina's birthday yesterday. Last night she played a little with the racket in the street up at 8th Avenue. Our street, H Street in on a rather steep hill, so any round object will gain velocity as it flies downhill, or until it hits some object or somebody. Up at the cross street (8th Avenue) at least it is somewhat flat. Still the ball went's amazing just how far when the racket connects! I think she likes the game.

Richard Boyer

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