Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I missed out on track skiing yesterday, Lina was feeling sick, so I stayed here and made dinner instead. I should be able to get up there again tomorrow, if its not raining. We seem to be having something moving into the valley today, the clouds are building up fast.

After looking at the shack for a while, I decided to warm it up a bit. Somehow the red bricks didn't seem to fit, so I tried more orange and now it has a better feel to it. Maybe the red was to cool and competed with the color of the roof. Now that I have changed the bricks to a more orange, they seem to contrast better against the rusty red color of the old tin roof.

Here is another older San Juan River painting that I decided to attack and change around a bit. The older version I have below and as you can see it lacked some contrast. So I darkened down the left wall and gave the back ground some more color and value jump between light and shade areas. The right shoreline was also darkened down, and I'm going to try to play up the reflection more. Still haven't decided if it needs a raft in it or not ?

Maybe I'll just put it aside for a few days and look at it with a fresh eye then.

Richard Boyer

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