Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday, March 8

Well I broke down and added some rafts to the painting, sorry no kayak, I thought that would have been too small for this scale. The work is only a 14x11 and something that small might get lost.

I was working on miscellaneous errands throughout the day. Lina is home from school, they have some teacher conference going on. So I was the designated parent to help her with the scrap-booking project. Yeah what can I say, its a Utah thing !!!

Also the 24x36 farm house painting, as well as the 20x30 fixer-upper work, I sent off to Jim Peterson at the Mockingbird Gallery. Its nice when you send the work unframed, since no careful packing is required, just throw them in a box and tape it closed. Well, actually I don't really throw them in, I did have a lot of well padded cardboard boxes left over from the Mystic Gallery ordeal. Jim is going to switch out the work with older pieces and send them back to me.

As usual I was in dire need of some new brushes. So a trip to the local Utrecht store was also on the list. There I picked up some of their finest interlocked horse hair flats. They seem to last about six months and then they will inevitably start fraying apart at the ends. You can cut them down and end up with short rounds, but I don't like painting with them when they get that hammered. I'll usually donate them to Robert, our struggling artist friend at the crit sessions. He seems very grateful and can actually make use of the stubbed brushes

The art store here has this annoying habit of ordering too little of the common sized stretcher bars. So of course when I went in to pick up some 24 incher's, they don't have them and have no idea when the next order is coming in. You might figure that after a while of constantly running out of the most common sixes like 24, 36, 12 and 16, that they might double their following order..........never happens. I've told them countless times after buying up a case of a certain common sized stretcher bar that next time they should order twice as much. My response is usually a confused look from some high school kid, "Ah, like what ever!"

Two weeks later, they are still out of the size!

Richard Boyer

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