Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well I tried to put a Monty Python piece on to my facebook yesterday, but I guess that doesn't work.....they censored it out, but yet, they allow other clips straight from youtube !!!

I'll never understand their one-sided logic there.

I added the plants on the right and fixed up some of the people behind, so now I'm more or less ready for the wrath of the crit session. Looking at it now I'm not sure what they will complain about, maybe that the figures need more color ?

The May Gallery has sold a few pieces as well as Southam Gallery, so it looks like things are picking up. Or as Karin said "looks like we have turned the corner!"

I just need to make sure things keep selling, after all I need to save up for the summer Amsterdam trip. I'm looking forward to that, its been so long since last time there. With the canals everywhere, there is always so much to paint. You don't need a car either, walking is the preferred method of transportation. Thomas, a German friend of mine, once drove there and ended up paying close to eighty dollars just to park the damn thing over the weekend.

Lina has her parent/teacher meeting in ten minutes, so I need to cut this short again today also.

Richard Boyer

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