Thursday, April 1, 2010


Its crit night tonight, so I was going to throw the boat painting and this one to the wolves. Now I did change a few things on this one....which ended up being quite major.

Several artists thought that the row of tables were a little too much and that the light blue guy was pressed up against the back of the darker blue shirt man. So I painted the end table out and pushed it farther back into space. The table at the end is now smaller and farther away from the other table. Yes, one Hell of a lot of work for a small pay-off. But maybe better off for the composition now. I also moved the left table closer to the viewer and got rid of the table that was in the lower part of the painting. All small changes to the eye, but in each case it means painting out the object in order to paint it back in the correct size or location.

If this was reality, I would have moved the objects around in five minutes..........but nooooo.
This is a damn painting and it takes all @%$@ day to do those few changes.

Well lets see what they say tonight

Its a winter wonderland outside. This morning we woke up to a Christmas like landscape, so much for Spring !!!

Richard Boyer

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