Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I'm a signature member of ASMA ( American Society of Marine Artists ) and they are doing a show in Coos Bay, Oregon that I need to partake in. That being said, this morning I started on a 24x36 with water in mind. They wouldn't be trilled about a cafe piece done several hundred miles from the coast!

Here is the first stage - the block-in.

Last summer when we went camping on the Oregon coastline, I shot these two women riding horses along the beach and thought it would be a nice subject matter. This will be one of those pieces where you wish you had the knowledge of horses like James Reynolds. I'll admit, I am not much of a horse painter, but never the less I'm up for the challenge !

I'll really need to spend some time of the horses to get them looking alright, but I think the contrast of browns against the blues of the ocean will really be good. Crit is this Thursday, so lets see how much I can get done on it !

Richard Boyer

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