Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday, April 19

I worked on the horse painting today. First just finishing off the background, I decided on more detail and color back there than what I had. Now it has a little more interest on the horizon. The waves I broke up more and lightened the water more in value.

The foreground sand I also defined better. It helped to throw a little water on the sand, so now I have a place to reflect the brown horse on the right. I used the pallet knife on some of the sand, which helps to give it more interest.

We got the garden all planted over the weekend, so hopefully this summer we'll have fresh produce......that is if the quail don't eat it all before its ready! Last summer we had about two dozen that parked themselves back there and munched down everything that came up. I finally had to build nets to go over the garden beds. This summer I wouldn't mind catching them and eating them. I've heard they are really good with an orange glaze!

Richard Boyer

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