Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13

We woke up to more snow on the ground again this morning, will Spring ever get here?

I worked on the same old cafe piece and added some yellow flowers down at the bottom and again in the middle flower pot. I think it looks a little better with the color instead of solid green. Maybe the green was a little too heavy for that area.

I then pulled out an older piece I got back from Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery and started to play around with that.

Its the small town of Coustellet, just west a bit from Goult, where we stayed in Provence. Every Tuesday this town becomes a parking lot jammed with cars, as all the locals bring out their goods to sell. This painting is of a couple who's main business was the growing of Garlic. They originally had only white umbrellas and a white table cloth, which I painted and wondered why nobody was reacting to it.......maybe just a little too much white. I know Sargent could get away with it, but me........noooo !!!!

The table cloth I also changed to a reddish color, but it may be a little off in the pink direction, so I'm not to happy with that. I'll look at it again tomorrow!

Now it's time to start the taxes !

Richard Boyer

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