Sunday, April 4, 2010


Here we are in Bluff; the weather outside is sunny and warm.....what a difference from Salt Lake. When we left there yesterday morning there was an inch of cold snow on the ground. We heard the sleet pounding against the window pain in the middle of the night.

Yesterday on the way down we stopped off at Dead Horse Point to do a little mountain biking and hiking.  Last year they opened up some a new trails system around the rim that offers spectacular views of the river 2000 feet below.  You can actually stand right at the edge and contemplate your own fate!  We have five bikes with us and eight people, so the boys took the bikes and the rest of us walked the trails.  The sky was overcast and looked like rain, but nothing actually hit the ground.

After that it was over priced take-out pizza at Kim's house in Moab.  She has three acres of land about a block away from Main Street and is putting on an addition to her house.  We are calling it our future room when we visit. Kim is married to Ed, who is our neighbor across the street and they divide their time between Salt Lake and Moab.

Richard Boyer

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