Thursday, April 15, 2010


I decided to try a smaller 12x16 painting from Grand Gulch, the backpacking individuals I took out and put a woman in dress there instead. Gives it more of a romantic feel than some child weighed down with a forty pound pack on his back. None of the leaves were out when we were down there, so I lied a bit and added some in.

We're having the crit session tonight at my place so I can show it to them then and get some feedback. When its done I'll most likely send it down to the Santa Fe Gallery, they have a lot of older pieces that I need to trade out. In fact there is a box filled with older paintings on its way back to me as we speak.

I finally got the taxes all done last night and electronically filed least the federal. Turbo tax wanted twenty five dollars to send the State tax in..........sounds like a joke to me, I'll just put a damn stamp on an envelop and send it in myself !!!

As is usually the case I need to pay the State but get something back from Federal.

Richard Boyer

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