Friday, April 16, 2010


The crit went well last night. I presented four works and had some small changes to do on all of them.
This is why these paintings can take a long time to really get to the point where you can say"Alright its done, lets send it off!"

First up was a small change to the back of the main fishing boat. Rick Graham thought it was a little too busy, so I put more of it in shade and unified some of the values. All in all a quick ten minute fix.

Next up was the cafe piece, they thought the umbrellas still were not light enough from the sunlight and that the background building wasn't straight. So I lightened up the tops of the umbrellas and fixed the perspective on the building.

I then moved on to this one, which needed a little more modeling on the figures. Also some of the background plants needed to be knocked down in value. The woman on the right was also lacking a kneecap, so I darkened up the plan change there.

On the last one I started to burn out. Carlie made the comment that she couldn't tell what season it was, since the background was orange it looked like fall. I took it from the Grand Gulch so that orange color was actually the color of the sandstone cliff from behind, but with all the trees in front that got lost. The solution was just to get rid of the orange and green it out more. I added more leaves and changed the course of the creek a little. The figure still needs work, but I'll deal with that on Monday.

Richard Boyer

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