Friday, April 2, 2010


Tomorrow we drive down to Bluff, Utah, so there is a little packing that needs to be done this afternoon. I'll bring the laptop along and see if I can post a little done there, but as they say "Its a 3G dead zone!" But nevertheless I still want to show you some of the Anasazi cliff dwellings we'll be visiting.

The crit session went well last night, Robert managed to dance around his wine glass but never broke it. He likes to walk up to the painting to do his lengthy explanations and put the glass down on the floor. The dilemma is that he is of Italian decent, so his arms and feet tend to fly all over the place. Yes, you can imagine what happens!

First up on the block was the fishing boats.

They thought the main boat in the center was too cluttered, so I removed a lot of the stuff back there and simplified it all. That green tarp that was there, wasn't much of a hit, nobody seemed to know what it was. The foreground dock was also changed around a bit and some more detail added to the boat in the lower right. More rim light was added to the masts to play up the feel of the morning sun.

Next on the list was the cafe piece. They still wanted the umbrellas lighter, so I did that a little and also added some lighter green leaves to the plants at the bottom. Some atmosphere was added to the guy with the dark blue shirt, just to push him back some more. The sky was painted lighter and some of the background buildings became darker and more simplified. I forgot to paint also the arms on the chair to the left and the table was also too small, so both those problems were fixes as well.

Now I'll just forget about it for a while and look at it with a new eye when I get back from southern Utah. I still don't know about the lower left corner with that chair there, some think it should go and be open, others thought it was better when I had the table there.

Richard Boyer

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