Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Still have another morning to think about this one, it’s close but not yet there. This is where the artist sits back and just stares at the painting for an hour or so thinking. I remember some modern artists back at school doing this as they worked on some God awful chaos of jumbled paint strokes. I felt like taking their brush and adding my feelings!

I inquired today about becoming an Oil Painter of America signature member. At the show they did a misprint on my name tag that said I was in the signature membership club, the reality was that I have never applied for it, never really knew what the requirements were. So today I sent an email to Ken Cadwallader, who I met at the OPA show; he forwarded it to Kathryn Beligratis who is another one on the board and they told me to apply. The form was sent with the instructions to do it all in sextuplet. It sounds worse than the US government, but I shall give it a try and throw my fate to the wind. They decide some time in November.

Richard Boyer

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