Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, June 20

I worked on the back ground a little today and put more of the mast lines in. This will make it easier then to work on the figures, instead of trying to paint the material in behind them.

Looks like the Devin Gallery sold my OPA painting, that’s a first with me; I’ve never sold one of my paintings at an OPA show, so way to go!!!

And with every good news comes the bad. Markus, our son called me this afternoon to inform me that the car was smoking along the highway on some remote section between Green River and Moab, Utah. They were four wheeling out of some bike riding area and most likely hit a rock, causing oil to leak over the engine.

I immediately called AAA and signed up, unfortunately there is a two day waiting period, so they told me there was nothing they could do (Like Hell !!!) The boys were stranded a good two hours by the side of the road with no one stopping to offer help. Finally they got a hold of another friend down there and used his AAA membership card. The car is now being towed some thirty miles back to Moab, so we can find out just what kind of damage they did.

Some people say having kids is expensive. I think the correct answer would, just wait until they become teenagers!

Richard Boyer

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