Friday, June 24, 2011


Here is a little project Kyle Strayer was working on. He has taken a few film classes up at the University and brought the camera and timer with on the last San Juan River trip we did. With the camera set up next to me taking an image every five seconds we were able to do a fast motion clip of a painting in progress. I took some more shots working on it later in the studio as well and gave it all to him so he could put together this small video clip

Sheryl Crow is playing tonight at Red Butte Gardens, Karin and I thought of just hanging out in the park outside the arena to have a picnic and at least hear the band. There is an area behind the stage up on a bluff where those poor souls without a ticket can at least hang out and listen. The concert was sold out when we tried to order tickets and we figured anything through the want ads would be out of our budget. That’s when Nick and Rose showed up with surprise tickets for us. “Way to go!!!” Nick said it was an early birthday present. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. The open-air arena is actually a large expanse of grass, where you can bring in your own picnic including wine. So with the Strayer’s and Rees’ there it will be a good time hanging out on the lawn listening to the band

Richard Boyer

I tried to up-load the video with Blog Spot but it doesn't seem to work, their program seems inept, so here is the link to You-Tube

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