Thursday, June 23, 2011


Jim from the Mockingbird Gallery send me a message that he wanted four smaller Amsterdam pieces before I leave for Sweden, so that is just what I will be working on now in the next week or so.

I started this one today, it’s only a 14x11 but the nice thing about that size is that you can get it done in one shot. I have another one lined up for tomorrow that is unless the crit group blasts away on my Boat work about the USS Constitution. Then my day will be spent making the changes to bring it up to standards.

Karin and I have been arguing lately about what kind of lawn mower to buy. She thinks a push mower is environmentally friendlier, which of course it is, except for the poor slob who has to push it around through knee high grass. I’m for the gas powered ones because we generally never keep up with the yard work. When the grass becomes a jungle than it’s time to do something about it and trying to push some old fashion lawn cutter through that is just back breaking.

So I went off to the local Home Depot and was surprised to find the newest device for cutting lawns. A battery powered mower, so I compromised and went halfway. No manual labor device, just one that you can charge up in an hour and should do the job.

Problem solved.

Richard Boyer

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