Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday, June 6

I started my other 24x36 piece for the Mockingbird Gallery. It will be an evening shot of Smith Rock outside of Bend, Oregon. It’s a popular spot for climbers and hikers, everybody in the area knows of the place. I’ll paint the foreground in shadow with the background rock cliffs bathed in light, reflecting down into the water. Maybe I should put a Viking boat in the water there?

I was planning on going to the figure painting session tonight at Rick, but was trumped by Sweden’s National Day, their idea of July 4th. Sweden never really gained independence from another country; they were more or less always the aggressor though time. The Vikings started that all off and since then they have always been a power house of independence. That independence may have gone overboard when they decided to conquer every country around the Baltic Sea some four hundred years ago. That being said with all their neighboring countries celebrating an independence day (in some cases from them), The Swedes decided that June 6 was as good as any day to declare a date of celebration. A day designated to hang the flag proudly outside the front door.

Elsie bought pork chops and is making a cake for a celebratory dinner tonight; my plans to paint a naked female with the artists were dashed against the rocks. I’ll hang the flag outside and stay at home with honor to uphold the Swedes National Holiday.

I’ll see if this involves heavy drinking or not!?

I am prepared

Richard Boyer

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