Saturday, June 4, 2011


Last night was the bachelor lifestyle of pizza and wine, sitting in front of the TV. I could see were that might drive you nuts after a few years of the same routine. Actually just before six in the evening I got a frantic call from Nick asking me to help drive a neighbors truck loaded with easels to the public library downtown. It was the annual convention for mind readers and they wanted an artist to display alongside their table setups of mind and card readers. Several weeks ago Nick reluctantly agreed and regretting it all one he found out the amount of work it entailed hauling his framed paintings and easels down there.

Since I was driving one of the trucks, I was automatically volunteered into helping him set up. We had to unload everything in the underground parking and haul in up by elevator. I could tell the crowd wasn’t the buying type, as they lined up to have their fortunes told by a card reader deep in meditation. I couldn’t help but to laugh and was hoping my cynicism wasn’t too apparent. Forty minutes later I was out of there at home watching “Gorky Park” on television.

I finished off this piece from our last San Juan River trip. Kyle Strayer is working on a time-lapse clip of me painting this 12x16. He set up his camera next to me to take a picture every five seconds as I worked over a two hour period. Once it’s done I’ll put it on YouTube.

Richard Boyer

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